25. 3. 2024 | Bednar

A Game-Changer in Deep Soil Cultivation!

Unlock the Power of Chisel Ploughs: A Game-Changer in Deep Soil Cultivation! 

Say goodbye to traditional soil cultivation methods and embrace the revolutionary chisel ploughs from BEDNAR! Designed to redefine deep soil cultivation, our chisel ploughs have completely transformed farming practices, offering unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

With a wide range of mounted and trailed models, boasting working widths from 10 to 21 feet, our chisel ploughs are engineered to meet the diverse needs of modern agriculture. From intense soil loosening to deep cultivation up to 26 inches, these machines deliver unmatched performance and results.

Experience the benefits of deep soil cultivation with our chisel ploughs, as they create an ideally loosened soil structure with optimal pore distribution for enhanced air, water, and nutrient movement. Plus, with lower towing demands and fuel consumption compared to traditional tillage methods, you'll enjoy higher output and efficiency on the field.

Discover the main advantages of our TERRALAND chisel ploughs, featuring mounted designs for maximum working depth and robust construction using high-strength Alform steel. With adjustable tines tailored to your specific operation, choose between Active-Mix tines for deep loosening with active soil mixing or Zero-Mix tines for soil aeration without active mixing.

Ready to revolutionize your soil cultivation practices? Explore the world of BEDNAR chisel ploughs and elevate your farming game today! ????????

Learn more about BEDNAR chisel ploughs on our website!

Join us as we continue to redefine the landscape of modern farming practices.

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