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The universal VERSATILL VO_PROFI, VO_L, VN_L and FENIX cultivators are an excellent solution for shallow and deep soil cultivation; the VERSATILL machines can also be used for seedbed cultivation.



What to use a universal cultivator for

A universal cultivator is designed for shallow or deep soil cultivation, based on the selected working depth. During the year, it can also be used for seedbed preparation, for example, in fields with larger quantities of crop residue.

Universal cultivators are mostly suitable for processing lighter and medium heavy soils where it is possible to work at an optimal depth level while keeping the set working speed so that a high mixing effect is achieved.




Main advantages of BEDNAR universal cultivators

Universal cultivators provide an excellent loosening and mixing effect thanks to the arrangement of the working parts into three (FENIX FO, FN_L), four (VERSATILL VN_L), five (VERSATILL VO_L) and six rows (VERSATILL VO_PROFI). Soil is evenly processed at the set working depth along the entire width of the machine. The design with working parts mounted behind the transport axle or the option to disconnect the rear packers enables using the semi-mounted FENIX and VERSATILL machines without the rear packers.
The following types of protection are available according to the configuration and type of the machine: shear bolt protection, horizontal spring protection or hydraulic protection. A protection properly selected according to the conditions contributes to higher durability of the machine in cases of impact with an obstacle.






Universal VERSATILL VO_PROFI Cultivators

VERSATILL VO_PROFI is a universal series of cultivators designed for intense stubble breaking, shallow loosening up to 6 inches, or seedbed cultivation in fields with larger quantities of crop residue.




VERSATILL VN_L mounted cultivator model series

The universal mounted VERSATILL VN_L cultivators are ideal for very early spring soil cultivation thanks to their low weight. The machine can also be used for the first stubble ploughing after harvest in lighter soils. In combination with a rear three-row leveller, this model series is suitable for mechanical elimination of weeds or unwanted seeds after harvest.





FENIX Chisel Cultivators

The FENIX FO and FN cultivators are primarily designed for deep soil cultivation, up to a maximum depth of 13.8 inches, and they can also be used for shallow stubble breaking by a simple working depth adjustment.

The FENIX cultivator can also be used for profile fertilization in aggregation with BEDNAR hoppers and storage tanks.