23. 4. 2024 | Bednar

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Demonstration of the SWIFTER SE 10000 seedbed cultivator together with BEDNAR's distributor for the Czech Republic, STROM Praha. This versatile model comes equipped with integrated transport axle track eradicators, a Crushbar front levelling bar, a double row SHARE section with 10.6-inch shares, a double row crosskill stone roller, and a finish roller.

Features of the SWIFTER SE 10000 Seedbed Cultivator:

  1. Integrated Transport Axle Track Eradicators: These eradicators ensure even soil distribution, contributing to a well-prepared seedbed.

  2. Crushbar Front Levelling Bar: The Crushbar front levelling bar guarantees precise seedbed levelling, essential for optimal seed emergence.

  3. Double Row SHARE Section: Equipped with 10.6-inch shares, the double row SHARE section ensures thorough soil cultivation and preparation.

  4. Double Row Crosskill Stone Roller: The crosskill stone roller effectively breaks down clods and levels the soil, ensuring a smooth seedbed.

  5. Finish Roller: The finish roller provides the final touch, ensuring an even and uniform seedbed surface.

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