13. 5. 2024 | Bednar

Explore the Versatile STRIEGEL-PRO PN Straw Harrow

Explore the Versatile STRIEGEL-PRO PN Straw Harrow 

Are you looking for an efficient solution to manage your meadows and pastures after winter? Look no further than the STRIEGEL-PRO PN straw harrow from BEDNAR.

Efficient Spring Management

As winter fades and spring emerges, proper management of meadows and pastures becomes crucial for optimal growth and yield. The STRIEGEL-PRO PN is specifically designed to handle these tasks with ease, offering unparalleled efficiency and performance.

Hydraulically Adjustable Five-Row Tine Section

The STRIEGEL-PRO PN features a hydraulically adjustable five-row tine section, allowing for easy adjustment of the working angle of the tines. This innovative design ensures optimal performance in various field conditions, whether you're dealing with light or heavy residue.

Perfect Ground Levelling

Uneven ground can hinder the growth of your crops and affect overall productivity. With the levelling bar of the STRIEGEL-PRO PN, you can achieve perfect ground levelling, leaving your fields smooth and even. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and hello to optimal growing conditions for your crops.

Fertilization and Seeding Made Easy

Equipped with the ALFA DRILL seeding unit, the STRIEGEL-PRO PN offers the possibility of fertiliser application or grass seeding in a single pass. This versatile feature saves you time and effort, allowing you to efficiently manage your fields and maximize your yield.

Book a Demo Today!

See the STRIEGEL-PRO PN in action and discover how it can revolutionize your farming practices. Contact us today to book a demo and experience the power of the STRIEGEL-PRO PN for yourself.


  • Working width: 20’ to 60’

  • Transport width: 9’ 10”

  • Number of sections: 5

  • Weight: from 10,360 lbs 


  • Hydraulically adjustable five-row tine section

  • Levelling bar for perfect ground levelling

  • ALFA DRILL seeding unit for fertiliser application or grass seeding

Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your spring management process. Discover the power of the STRIEGEL-PRO PN straw harrow today!