8. 2. 2024

Soil Cultivation Secrets in our Learn & Discover Series!

Unveiling Soil Cultivation Secrets in our Learn & Discover Series!

Welcome to another insightful edition of our Learn & Discover Series, where we unravel the mysteries of basic soil cultivation in the agricultural realm. In the age-old debate of Disc versus Chisel cultivators, let's delve into the core of this captivating discussion.

Chisel Cultivators: FENIX and VERSATILL VO_PROFI

These cultivators stand out as highly versatile tools designed specifically for shallow soil cultivation. Meet FENIX and VERSATILL VO_PROFI, promising exceptional mixing capabilities crucial for blending processed soil with crop residue. Tailored for lighter and medium-heavy soils, these cultivators assure optimal results at the perfect working depth.

Disc Cultivators: Heavy-duty ATLAS in Focus

Step into the world of heavy-duty with ATLAS cultivators, engineered to delve into depths of up to 8 inches. With a robust frame, generous clearance, and a large disc diameter, they effortlessly navigate fields adorned with substantial crop residue. Whether post-harvest scenarios, organic fertilizer incorporation, or catch crops, these cultivators ensure trouble-free soil cultivation.

Embark on the journey of basic cultivation, keeping a keen eye on working depths, surface residue, and mastering the leveling game. Choices abound, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary.

Stay tuned for more farming wisdom in our Learn & Discover Series!

Join us as we continue to redefine the landscape of modern farming practices.

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