10. 7. 2024 | Bednar



The SWIFTERDISC disc cultivators are among the best-selling BEDNAR machines. They are a proven and high-quality staple in our product portfolio. With working widths ranging from 5.7 to 60 feet, they meet the needs of all customers.



DISCS FOR ALL CONDITIONS: The disc cultivators can be equipped with 20.5 or 22-inch discs. Available in standard or specially shaped aggressive designs for higher cutting and mixing efficiency. The ENDURANCE discs are highly resistant to extreme impacts and deformations due to their high hardness in the working area.


TWIN-DISC SYSTEM: One shank for two discs provides double the space for high material throughput. Post-harvest residues can easily pass through the machine, especially in wet conditions or with large amounts of residue.




DISC MOUNTING WITH RUBBER SEGMENTS: Mounting two discs with one shank provides double the space for securing with rubber segments. Rubber segments absorb shocks during soil processing.





X-PRECISE SYSTEM: Unique technical solution with X-shaped disc sections ensures precise machine guidance in the tractor track. The working width of the disc cultivator is fully utilized, and the machine does not drift.

*valid for models XO_PROFI and XE_PROFI, XE_MEGA




HYDRAULIC DRAWBAR: Height-adjustable drawbar with a hydraulic cylinder allows smooth terrain following during operation and easy attachment to various tractor hitches.

*valid for XO_F and XO_PROFI models



FRONT ATTACHMENTS: The SWIFTERDISC disc cultivators can be equipped with front attachments, increasing the machine's utility throughout the year. Available options include the hydraulically adjustable Crushbar or the Trash Cutter.

*valid for models XO_F, XO_PROFI, XE and XE_PROFI




ALFA DRILL SEEDING UNIT: The current trend in post-harvest cultivation is the seeding of catch crops. The SWIFTERDISC machines can be equipped with the ALFA DRILL seeding unit, available in 106 or 211-gallon capacities.



ORIGINAL "E" FOLDING SYSTEM: Wide disc cultivators have had an original folding concept since 2008. The "E" concept means the machine has two side folding frames towards the drawbar. This system offers quick folding and reduces the overall number of hydraulic cylinders.

*valid for XE, XE_PROFI and XE_MEGA models




EASIEST CONTROL SYSTEM ON THE MARKET: The SWIFTERDISC XE_PROFI is available with an electro-hydraulic control system (BEDNAR EASY ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC SYSTEM). The working depth is adjusted from the tractor cab via the tractor terminal or an independent terminal. Smooth depth adjustment during machine operation is possible.

*valid for XE_PROFI models




PARALLELOGRAM REAR PACKERS: Selected SWIFTERDISC models use a proven parallelogram solution. It ensures that with double packers (double V-RING, double U-RING), both packers always press evenly on the soil. Soil consolidation is uniform across the entire working width of the machine.

*valid for XO_F and XE models