A mounted seedbed cultivator suitable for traditional soil cultivation before seeding.


SWIFTER SN seedbed cultivator attached to tractor

Creating a seedbed for proper and even crop emergence.

Combining several operations into one means fewer passes through the field and lower costs of soil preparation. The front levelling bar perfectly levels any unevenness. The front roller crumbles the clods. The main working section undercuts, aerates and warms up the soil layer. The final clod crumbling is provided by various types of rollers in combination with other equipment behind the rollers.



SWIFTER SN seedbed cultivator sweep section

Adjusting soil cultivation to the needs of the crop.

Sweep section

A sweep working section (summer and autumn soil cultivation – winter cereals, oilseed rape)

This working section can be used for summer and autumn preparation when soil needs to be loosened, undercut and mixed after the previous harvest. The 10.6 inches sweeps in two overlapping rows undercut the soil profile along the entire machine width, creating a firm bottom. At the same time, soil is aggressively processed thanks to the working angle of the sweeps, creating a loosening top layer. Each sweep is mounted on a flexible tine that provides a 3D effect (horizontal and vertical movement) which protects the sweep from damage.

SWIFTER SN seedbed cultivator SB sweep section

SB sweep section

SB sweep section with spring sweeps (spring soil cultivation – sugar beet)

The section is especially suitable for spring cultivation before seeding sugar beet where it is required to adequately manage spring moisture, but still prepare a precise seedbed. The sweep angle does not mix soil vertically, but the soil is still undercut in the whole area thanks to the overlapping sweeps that are 170 mm wide. Another benefit is the reduced demand on the towing vehicle power.

SWIFTER SN seedbed cultivator gamma-point

Gamma-point section

Gamma-point working section (spring soil cultivation – spring cereals, corn)

This section is suitable for early spring operations, such as required before seeding barley. The four rows of gamma points at a negative angle aerate and warm up soil without bringing wet particles to the surface, which preserves winter moisture. It is important for a fast start of the growth of spring crop. The spring-loading of each tine enables working at high speed. The gamma points for this section are also available in the LONG LIFE version.




SWIFTER SN seedbed cultivator hydraulic regulation

Mechanical or easy hydraulic regulation.

Even the smallest models of the SWIFTER SN mounted seedbed cultivators are easily controllable. You can choose from mechanical regulation of the working depth, or comfortable hydraulic regulation.



SWIFTER SN seedbed cultivator attached to tractor

For models with a width of 13.1 and 16.4 feet.

The width of the machine is a limiting factor for transportation on roads in the European Union. Therefore, the SWIFTER SN 4000 and 5000 are manufactured in the folding version to ensure safe transport. The centre of gravity of the cultivator is moved as close to the tractor hitch as possible, so the set is stable even at high transport speed.





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